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Telemedicine for tourists and travelers.

According to the BMC Infectious Diseases study, 79% of tourists reported some health problem during their trip.

With Multilanguage Telemedicine, we can remotely treat up to 70% of common traveler problems and illnesses. For the rest DocTour offers a series of services at home.

Our services are designed to assist you quickly and efficiently. No worries, no transfers, all from the comfort of your place of stay.

Each person has different habits when traveling

Unlike traditional medical consultation, Telemedicine has proven to be very accessible, cost-effective and capable of increasing patient participation. At DocTour we developped different options for travelers as well as for hospitality & tourism businesses.

Main Products for Travelers

On-Demand Services

Get access to the best health services no matter where you are. Online consultation & prescription delivery, medical personnel, labs and more...

Travel Assistance

The Traveler's Club is the traveler space for those who have a travel assistance during their trip. Travel knowing we have your back.

Covid-19 Tests

Need a test for airtravel? Don't worry we send the laboratory staff to your place of stay to take samples.

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