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Telemedicine for tourists & travelers

The perfect complement for travel insurance.

The affordable option for those who travel uninsured.
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We know what you're going through...

Your are feeling sick away from home, away from your comfort zone.
Without being able to communicate effectively with locals.
Not knowing where to go and without being able to fill your country's prescription.

We have what you need, in a new & better format!


Save time and money.
Use it for what it's meant to be.


Ours is an innovative way to get medical care.

Multi Language

Our staff speaks English, and we also have French & Portuguese interpreters. 

Forget about the Old Way of
Visiting the Doctor

What can we treat?

We are able to treat multiple diseases, such as respiratory and gastric diseases as well as skin problems related to sun exposure and other tropical environment health problems.
A lot of them we can solve remotely, thus reducing your waiting and commuting time.

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Our Way is the Smart Way!

Lean and Clean, trustworthy with upfront pricing, no inflated bills. Using technology and new processes we support you and your family during your holidays and guide you towards a speedy recovery.

Don't move from where you are. Everything goes to your location!

All our services are designed to assist you quickly and efficiently. Wait for us in the comfort of your place of stay.

Need a more thorough assessment?

Our Doctors can commute for home consultations or small procedures.

Require assistance to apply a medication?

Our Nurses move to your room to perform procedures and medical care.

Sanitary Responsible: 5737055 UANL

Need to buy medicines or OTC products?

Filling your prescription is easier than ever. We deliver medication in the place of your stay.

Each person has different habits when traveling

Unlike traditional medical consultation, Telemedicine has proven to be very accessible, cost-effective and capable of increasing patient participation. At DocTour we develop different options for travelers as well as for hospitality & tourism businesses.

Main Services

Our services are designed to maximize your comfort during times of unrest.

80% of a good consultation consists of a good interrogation to make a clinical diagnosis. With the correct clinical history and diagnosis about 70% of the problems can be solved. Concerning traveler's health, less than 30% of the cases require face-to-face consultation.

Medical Orientation

Chat or talk with the Doctor's Assistant to get help on our services and general health topics.

Online Consultation

Talk to an experienced Doctor now via video call, and get the medical advice you need.

Sanitary Responsible: 5737055 UANL

On-site Services

Have a Doctor or Nurse make a housecall for primary care.




"The healthcare model used by DocTour seems innovative and cutting-edge to me; In these times, providing services through digital tools is already an obligation for business men and women. What we used to see as the distant future is now our present, and this company understands it very well.”

Noé Quintanilla

Founding Partner @


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Sanitary Responsible: 5737055 UANL