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Occupational Health Services

Tailor-made health services for your collaborators. With their DocTour Membership they have access to free digital medical services, discounts on home medical services, life insurance and much more...

In occupational health we are your best ally.

According to the 2020 Statistical Memory of the IMSS in its Chapter VII, since 2019 the following data has been reported:

With DocTour you get from your collaborators

+ Productivity

A physically and mentally healthy employee performs better.

+ Sense of belonging

Take care of your collaborators and make them feel like they are an important part of your company.

+ Savings

With unlimited medical services, your collaborator's savings are exponential.

- Rotation

A collaborator cared for by his company will be less likely to change jobs.

- Absenteeism

Good prevention decreases diseases and illnesses.

- IMSS fees

A healthy collaborator will be less likely to suffer accidents at work.

We differentiate ourselves from the competition

Medical Consultations

Free medical consultations with general practitioner, psychologist & nutritionist.


Ambulance service from the location of patient to the desired clinic or hospital.

Lab Work

Laboratory checkups every year to follow and measure health improvement.

Funeral Expenses

We cover funeral expenses in case the employee dies from a work related injury or accident.

Life Insurance

Give peace of mind and tranquility to the family of your employees.

Medical expenses

We cover medical expenses in case of a work related injury or accident.

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This way, we can customize our Services for your company.

Benefits for the Company

Occupational Psychological Training

Talks about psycho-social risks, which supports the efforts requested for NOM-035 STPS compliance.

Audio-visual health content

Webinars and information capsules to achieve and reinforce good health and hygiene practices in the company

Health and wellness campaigns

Various annual campaigns in the company on important health issues.

Your employee will receive a Digital Membership which they can use to identify themselves when requesting their services.