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Telemedicine for tourists and travelers.
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Telemedicine: Health, Integrity and Economy

We are a Telemedicine and Medical Orientation company committed to improve the experience in the care of your health during your stay in Mexico.

DocTour brings innovation to your Medical Interactions and we offer a wide range of services for a complete medical care.

We live in a time where we have everything in the palm of our hand, food, getting a ride, vacation rentals. We now bring technology and innovation to the Health and the Telemedicine industries by improving your experience and your health online.

This is our purpose at DocTour, we offer foreign tourists a quicker and more efficient service, at a lower cost, providing security for you and your family, without any pricing abuses, and speaking in your language to make you feel just at home.


To serve a community of international and national tourists, in high flow vacation spots, providing innovative solutions and services for health care, reducing stress triggers (unknown country, language barrier, transfers, payments and quality of service) to provide tranquility and joy during your holiday stay.


To be leaders in Tele-medicine, becoming the platform used by everyone around the world due to our quality and services.

Our Values


With our customers and suppliers.


In the way we act and execute our services.


With our patients and their medical and economic problems.


In our care and all of our services.

Warmth and understanding

We work with kindness and from a humanistic culture.

What makes us different?

Using technology and new processes we support you and your family during your holidays and guide you towards a speedy recovery.

What we can treat

We are able to treat multiple diseases, such as respiratory and gastric diseases, as well as skin problems related to sun exposure and other tropical environment health problems. Many of them we can solve remotely, thus reducing your waiting and commuting time.

Board of Directors

Dr. Guillermo Loyo

Founder, Operations Director

M. Gabriel Garza

Founder, Administration Director 

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