Reviews of our Telemedicine Services

"The healthcare model used by DocTour seems innovative and cutting-edge to me; In these times, providing services through digital tools is already an obligation for business men and women. What we used to see as the distant future is now our present, and this company understands it very well”

Founding Partner @ Teiker

Noé Quintanilla 

"Dr. Guillermo is professional, trustworthy and empathetic. At each consultation I have received treatment according to my needs or verified information about my health care. He is currently my family doctor in Mexico, as I am from Argentina. I highly recommend their service. Thank you so much for everything!"

Vanesa Carrizo

"Surprisingly good. I highly recommend this. Professional medical staff attending to us without having to leave our home. Quick, inexpensive and reassuring. Thank you Doctour."

Gilbert Rios

"Thank you very much to Dr. Guillermo for his diagnosis and the medications he recommended, I am no longer sick and I feel perfectly healthy!"

Geovanni Vera

"No more "go to the doctor"... NOW THE DOCTOR GOES TO YOU! An excellent approach to medical service and patient care."

Adolfo Orrantia

"A great way to consult, modern and efficient. An assertive doctor in his diagnoses. Completely safe and reliable. Highly recommended."

Andrea Vera

"I think it is the best option that a tourist can obtain, especially since we are going through a difficult time. The service is very good and is cheaper than a traditional private hospital. I highly recommend it!"

Esteban Vargas

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