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What is the DocTour membership?

The DocTour Membership is the access identification to DocTour Club.

What is DocTour Club?

DocTour Club is a space with access to all our services with special prices, it includes some services provided free of charge.

Who is part of DocTour Club?

All tourists who pay for their membership before their stay, and all tourists from companies (tourism) and establishments (lodging services) who have acquired their membership with us.


We want to make you feel safe, from the moment you get here, That is why we form alliances with strategic partners. By staying at one of our partner's hotel you will have Membership with no extra cost & will enjoy multiple benefits.

Vacation Rentals

For you, who prefer the tranquility of a vacation rental, we partnered with a variety of rental properties for you to choose from. Feel just at home and stay healthy with us as your personal doctor.


You want to be prepared for whatever it may come It doesn’t matter if you are traveling by yourself or in a group. Become a member of our Club and enjoy all our benefits with special prices and medical attention.

Basic Membership

Description What we can do Included Not included
  • Access to the DocTour Club. Products and services with special prices, including services provided free of charge.
  • Any condition that is contemplated in our on-demand services.
  • Free Online Medical Consultation
  • The conditions of the service and / or product used with the applicable discount
  • Home consultation
  • Materials
  • Medicines
  • Procedures
  • Nursing services

Premium Membership

Description What we can do Included Not included
  • Access to the DocTour Club. Online Medical Consultaion, home consultations and costs of procedures included. The beneficiary of the Premium membership only pays for materials, medicines and nursing services, all at a discount.
  • Any condition that is contemplated in our on-demand services.
  • Complete medical attention (Counseling, Consultation and Procedures)
  • Materials
  • Medicines
  • Nursing service

Discounts by Products

Being a Member of the DocTour Club has its Benefits. Here is a list of some of the Discounts you’ll get on our different services.

Discount Matrix

Services Included Services On-Demand Personal Membership Hotels / Apartments Membership
Basic Premium
Medical Advisory
On-Site Services
On-site Consultation NO 30 %  20 % FREE OF CHARGE
Nursing Services NO 10 %  10 % FREE OF CHARGE
Medicine Administration NO 30 %  20 % FREE OF CHARGE
Nebulizer NO 30 %  20 % FREE OF CHARGE
Ear Cleansing NO 30 %  20 % FREE OF CHARGE
Wound Cleansing NO 30 %  20 % FREE OF CHARGE
IV Solution NO 10 %  10 % FREE OF CHARGE
Wound Suture NO 10 %  10 % FREE OF CHARGE 

*Only Materials & Medication will be charge to your guests.

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