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What are Covid-19 Services?

They are Tele-Medicine, Medical Advice and Medical Consulting services for Mexican companies focused on the management and mitigation of COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) in companies and employees.

Who are Covid-19 services for?

  • All Mexican companies of any sector that want to re-open their facilities and guarantee that they comply with the guidelines of the Mexican and international authorities of the New Normal.
  • Mexican companies that have cases of Covid-19 in their employees and want to manage their well-being and reincorporation to the company.

Preparation for management*

*These services are performed prior to starting activities
Procedures Included
Initial diagnostic
  • Diagnosis by specialists.
  • Status of work environment and conditions.
  • Controls and prevention measures.
  • Attention and monitoring processes.
  • Structure of care.
Model & structure
  • Coordination structure with teams.
  • Information flow structure.
  • General operating structure.
Medical equipment
  • Assesstment on the type and quantity of medical equipment required.
  • We get preferencial prices.

Covid-19 Telemedicine

Procedures Included
General Telemedicine Services
  • NON-COVID virtual health care (Partial hours).
  • Integration with digital platform (widget for each office).
  • Electronical prescription.
  • Webinars (1 specialty per month).
COVID-19 Management (General)
  • Centralization of information.
  • Review & Update of company processes and controls.
  • Covid monitoring report.
  • Monitoring meetings MANAGEMENT.
  • Weekly General Status Report.
  • Executive Report (Monthly).

COVID-19 Specialities

Procedures Included
COVID-19 care and monitoring
(General Physician)
  • Medical care and monitoring (virtual).
  • Informational videos Covid-19 & General.
  • Medicine.
  • Tips of the week Covid-19 & General Medicine.
  • Medical care and monitoring (virtual) Direct contacts.
COVID-19 care and monitoring
  • Covid-19 Psychological Care and Monitoring.
  • Psychology informational videos.
  • Hotline for psychological emergencies.
  • Psychological tip of the week.
COVID-19 care and monitoring
  • Nutritional care and monitoring (virtual).
  • Nutrition informational videos.
  • Nutritional tip of the week.

Laboratory Management*

* These services only apply in cities where an alliance is reached with a laboratory
Procedures Included
Laboratory Tests Management
  • Centralization of information and monitoring of results.
  • Laboratory management.
  • Daily monitoring report Laboratories and Tests.
  • Daily follow-up meetings.
  • Weekly General Status Report Executive Report (Monthly).

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