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Telemedicine for business 

What are DocTour business services?

A variety of telemedicine services, such as Medical Consulting services for Mexican companies. DocTour business services cover specialized medical care for the employee, and specialized medical management (Business Intelligence) for the company.

Who are the services for?

All Mexican companies in any sector that do not have major medical insurance for their employees. All companies whose insurance and health agreements do not offer our services and for all kind of employees such as: Executives & white collar, expatriates and foreign projects staff, sales force, essential workers, plant operators, logistics & delivery.
An innovative option to access medical services quickly, efficiently & in multiple languages.

Business Telemedicine

Medical Advisory services for company employees. Includes medical orientation and virtual Consultation. 

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Consultancy & Health services

Services dedicated to training and creating a healthy culture in the company.

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Medical consulting for companies

Centralization of information, management and Business Intelligence for decision-making regarding employees health.

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Third party services

Additional services for a complete health care of company employees.


Business Telemedicine

Medical Guidance *
  • 800 number for companies where it's filtered and it is decided whether to make a video call with a doctor, schedule a home visit or any other DocTour or third-party service.
Online Consultation
  • Online consultation by specialties (General Medicine, Nutrition, Psychology).
Chronical patients
  • Online medical follow-up for patients with chronic diseases.

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Counsultancy & Health services

Healthcare informational videos
  • HD videos that address issues concerning the current situation of the company, the best health practices and tools to implement in the company and at home.
  • Seminars and Conferences on best hygiene and health practices to create a healthy culture in the company. Diverse subjects of different specialties.
Staff Training
  • For those cases where staff training is required which has to be carried out through a specific event, which will be budgeted, organized and carried out.

Medical consulting for companies

Business diagnosis
  • The initial diagnosis is the starting point of management, where an analysis of the current status and areas of opportunity in health and hygiene are carried out.
Business Strategy in Health
  • DocTour plans and designs what the management model and its operating structure will be. This model is based on international guidelines and best practices and recommendations from the healthcare industry.
Information and Reports
  • Centralization of information on the health and wellness of the company, in order to provide data and reports for decision making.

Third Party Services

  • Alliance with a clinical analysis laboratory to carry out various studies on DocTour patients who require it. By appointment, DocTour staff will go to take samples.
Delivery of Medications
  • Alliance with a pharmacy that has a delivery service so that DocTour can buy and have the patients' medicine delivered.


For the Company

  • Increases performance & productivity
  • Decreases lost time & costs
  • Tax deductible

For the Employees

  • Improves physical & mental health
  • Minimizes the risks of contagion
  • Simplifies daily life

We offer peace of mind & health for the company and its employees

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