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Why has Telemedicine become so relevant?

Telemedicine allows you to receive medical advice without the Doctor having to be physically present, in this way the patient can share information in real time through their computer or devices allowing the Doctor to establish a diagnosis and necessary measures for a succesful patient recovery.
Unlike traditional medical consultation, Telemedicine has proven to be very accessible, cost-effective and capable of increasing patient participation.

At Doctour we develop different options for each type of traveler

It doesn't matter if you want to be prepared in advance or use our services at the moment you need them. 
Doctour has the right solution for you.

For Travelers

On-Demand Services

We are here for you whenever you need us.
Ask for our services at any time.

Traveler's Membership

You will have privileged access to our club.
Members get special prices and free services.

For Business

Telemedicine for Business

Digital health services for employeers and employees. Protect your employees and ther families.


Prepaid Services

Get a package of online consultations or days of memberships, and consume them as needed. Ideal for Travel Agencies and Hospitality Companies.

Special COVID-19 Services

Specific services to manage and mitigate the COVID-19 in your company. Ideal for companies with a high volume of employees.

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