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We know what we are talking about, several studies show that when traveling, 79% of tourists are going to present a disease, the main problem is Diarrhea (68% of travelers suffer from it) , of which only 13% seek help, leaving 87% who do not seek it because they do not know where to go, or are scared of resulting in high expenses for not having a travel medical insurance.

Main Traveler's Health Problems

80% of a good consultation consists of a good interrogation to make a clinical diagnosis. With the correct clinical history and diagnosis about 70% of the problems can be solved. Concerning traveler's health, less than 30% of the cases require face-to-face consultation.
Diarrhea / Vomit /Dehydration
Skin diseases
Respiratory disease 
Urinary tract infections
Ear infections
And more...

Thanks to our comprehensive services we can see and treat a great range of diseases, and we also can help in control of some chronic diseases such as, hypertension, dyslipidemias, diabetes and other.

The doctor will analyze the need to make a face-to-face consultation or any other on-site service for which an appointment will be made.

We serve people of all ages, however children under 5 years old, WILL NOT be consulted via chat or video call, so it will be necessary to make an appointment for an On-Site Consultation.

Nursing Services

Nursing Services*
Intramuscular drug administration
Wound Healing
Laboratory tests
Wound suture
Sprain inmobilization
Fracture inmobilization

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*Services and Procedures are paid by the patient

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