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Why Telemedicine has become so relevant?

While you're thinking about your vacations, the first thing that comes to your mind is peace and all those memorable times you will have.
No one travels wishing to get sick or to have an accident, but if this happens, you expect to have good quality medical care and feel safe.
The disease by itself is already stressful, and if you add that you are in a country far from home, where you do not speak the language, and depend on local people to find a place to receive medical attention, it becomes too overwhelming.
We started to search for ways to improve your experience, making it more accessible by reducing the costs and waiting time.
For a few years we had been reached by friends who own vacation rentals or who worked in the hotel industry, and people who lived in the USA to have a medical consultation via chat or video call and noted that remote care was well received by patients, alleviating their concerns and improving their symptoms, in a fast and innovative way.
We live in a time where we have everything in the palm of our hand, food, getting a ride, vacation rentals, but we have not worried about improving the services that really require fast attention.

This is our purpose at DocTour

We offer foreign tourists a quicker and more efficient service, at a lower cost, providing security for you and your family, speaking in your language and making you feel just at home.

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