Business Model
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Services On-Demand

If you are feeling sick and you did not get your membership before your trip, don`t worry we are also here for you, you will only be charged for the services requested without any of the member discounts.

DocTour's Services

Medical Advisory via Video Call $ 60 USD
On-Site Doctor Consultation $ 160 USD
Nurse procedure $ 50 USD
Nursing Services $ 300 USD 

Important Notice:
Material & medicine costs not included in the DocTour Services above.

Materials and Medicines for our Services

A lot of what we do requires medical materials and medicines that are going to be administered to you. But you will always have their Prices Upfront in the DocTour App for you to accept, and all before the service or the procedure starts. So, no late scary bills to pay!

DocTour's Procedures

Intramuscular Drug administrationMaterials + Procedure + Nurse Service
NebulizerMaterials + Procedure + Nurse Service
Ear Cleansing Materials + Procedure + On-site Consultation
Wound CleansingMaterials + Procedure + On-site Consultation
IV SolutionMaterials + Procedure + Nurse Service
Wound SutureMaterials + Procedure + On-site Consultation

DocTour's Club / Memberships

Hotel/ Apartments: If you have a hotel or a vacation rental, you can give your guest the DocTour Experience with our membership program. If you are a tourist staying with one of our Partners, you automatically have a Membership that has no cost to you. Forget about paying for the services per day of stay. When you stay at one of our partners' hotel or apartment, you and your family will enjoy DocTour’s Services with several benefits, such as FREE consultations and discounts on medications and services.

Tourists: If you are still planning your trip to Cancun or Playa del carmen, this Product is for you. This membership is charged individually and has a price of ONLY $9 USD per day. Being part of the DocTour Club will give you and your family great satisfaction knowing that you are covered by our Services during your stay. Be sure to read our Terms and Conditions.

Go your Membership

Medication Delivery

Do you have a prescription you need to fill? Do you need OTC meds for daily activities? Don’t worry, we will send your prescription directly to your place of stay for ONLY$15 USD for the delivery service fee + Medication Costs.

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