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Telemedicine and more medical services

  1. Online Consultation & Medical Orientation More Details
  2. On-site Consultation More Details
  3. Nursing services More Details
  4. Minor Procedures More Details
  5. Third party Services More Details

Online Consultation & Medical Orientation

Not all medical problems need you to commute to see the doctor, and we know it!
Online Orientation
  • First contact will be made through our medical assistant, where it is determined whether to make a video call with a doctor, schedule a home visit or if you requiere any other service from DocTour or a Third party.
Online Consultation
  • We start the virtual medical consultation through a chat with our doctor for issues where a visual inspection is not required, if it is decided that the chat advice is not enough, a video call will be made to complete the advice.
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On-site Consultation

In case your problem cannot be solved by any of the aforementioned services, or if the patient is less than 5 years old, a consultation will be scheduled. Our Health Professional will come to your Vacation Rental or Hotel Room to make a personal consultation.
Medical consultation
  • It is the doctor's contact with the patient. The patient is fully inspected, the cause is determined, a diagnosis is made, and a prescription is issued if required. If the patient requires any type of procedure, the processes will begin.
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Nursing services

Our team of nurses is ready to go to your Vacation Rental or Hotel Room and help you feel better. They are trained to perform wound healing, intramuscular application and many more procedures. These services are available in Cancun and Riviera Maya.
  • We dispatch of a nurse (room / house / etc.) To perform a minor procedure on a patient once they have accepted the terms and conditions and signed the disclaimer and procedure consent.
Personal cares
  • We nurses for patient care in 8 hours shift.
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Minor Procedures

To complement our services, we perform minor procedures, such as wound sutures and sprain of fracture immobilization among other common procedures. These services are available in Cancun and Riviera Maya.

Major procedures will be transferred to a hospital of your preference.
Wound suture
  • Closure of minor wounds, includes prescription and cures can be scheduled.
Wound Healings
  • Performed by a nurse. An appointment must be made.
  • Follow-up to Treatment specified by a Doctor. An appointment must be made before we provide the equipment for the nebulization.
Drug administration
  • A nurse will go to apply the medication prescribed or requested by the patient. (Drug will not be administrated without a prescription).  An appointment must be made.
IV solutions
  • At the doctor's discretion, intravenous solutions for medication and / or rehydration will be placed.
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Third party Services

A variety of products delivered in your room
Medicine delivery
  • Alliance with a pharmacy to have the patients' medicine delivered.
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