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Telemedicine is a smart choice

We created a unique and successful business model. We maximize quality while minimizing prices through an innovative, digital, high-tech solution that allows us to improve the traveler’s health care industry.

Our model relies on three main pillars that makes our way a unique and successful way to attend the medical necessities for all tourits.

Pricing & Payment

Our pricing and payment pillar allows us to trace strategies that separate us from the competition.

  • Fair prices: We are committed to treat all travelers fairly and we do not overprice our services, We are an affordable alternative to other options that exist in the market.
  • Cumulative charging: When having chat+video call+on-site you will have a special discount on this last one.  While having a membership, you’ll get special prices in all of our on-site services.
  • Upfront prices and fees: You’ll know exactly how much you are going to pay before the service is done. And there are no hidden fees or additional charges on any of our Services.
  • Online payment: Pay from you phone or your computer we accept different online payment methods to make it easier for you to pay for our Products & Services. 
Don't worry about getting cash to pay the doctor!


Our model differentiates itself from other existing models and breaks the P2P trend that has been around for while in many of the service industry.

  • All-in-one health care: We offer everything for the traveler’s health care. Online medical consultation, On-site consultation, laboratory analysis, home nursing services, pharmacy and more. You don't have to move from your room!
  • Individualized: We give you professional medical service in a kind, welcoming way, and in you own language. We want you to feel just at home, you are more than a number for us, you are part of the DocTour family.
  • In-house Staff & Doctors: We know the value that a well paid administrative and medical staff can bring to you and to our business quality standards. That is why we do not outsource any of our valuable members of our staff.
  • High-Quality Services: Every Service is delivered by highly qualified personnel, using top of the line materials.


We operate through a cutting edge technology platform that sets us apart from all the platforms you’ll find in the industry.

  • Integrated Products & Services: All traveler's medical necessities can be met through a few clicks and with the use of a single credit/debit card.
  • Multi-language: The platform is available in 3 languages (and growing!) the staff can give you services in 2 languages and we have a professional interpreter that speaks 4 languages. This way we can clearly understand you in Spanish, English, French & Portuguese!
  • Efficient Processes: Lean & Smooth. Our processes are carefully thought so that you quickly & effortlessly find and get what you need.
  • Reports & Information:You will have your medical history and all your reports available so you can take to your family doctor. He will have the necessary information for your follow up. Your health is the most important thing for us!

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